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Alpenglow Policies

Cancelation Policy:
Scheduled cleans must be canceled more than 24 hours in advance in order to avoid a charge. Scheduled cleans that can not be completed due to: changes with client schedule, rental guests still occupying the property, lack of effective snow removal, or failed entry system (codes, keys, lockboxes, etc.) shall result in a $60 Cancelation Fee.

Pricing Policy:
As Needed Schedule – Permanent Resident / Second Home / Vacation Rental cleaning $60/labor hour
Recurring Schedule – Homes on a recurring service at minimum once a month $55/labor hour
Other Services – House Errands, Seasonal Home Checks, etc. will be billed at $60/labor hour (1 hr minimum)

Booking Policy:
As Needed cleaning requests need to be submitted by 5:00 pm Thursday the week prior to the request. Requests submitted later than 5:00 pm Thursday will be subject to a $35 “Late Booking” fee.

TURN Policy:
Back-to-back requests, known as a TURN, will be completed between 11am guest departure and 4pm guest arrival. We ask that guests get one load of wash into the dryer and start the dishwasher prior to departing. When requesting a TURN, please be sure to add these details to your check-out instructions. In addition, we may need to leave one last load of towels in the dryer with a note for the next guest. A TURN request will incur a charge of $60.

Snow Policy:
If we are unable to reach and/or access your property due to driveway issues, lack of parking, blocked or inaccessible entrances, etc. then you must cancel or reschedule your cleaning more than 24 hours in advance to avoid a charge. If we arrive at your home and we cannot clean your home because of any reason related to weather conditions, then we will inform and charge you for the time spent traveling to your home as well as attempting to access your home for all of our crew members. If the team is able to access the home by shoveling a path into the driveway or the home, this time will be added to the cleaning time on your invoice.

Payment Options

Here is the list of payment options:

  • Invoices are sent out by email the week following your clean date
  • Pay using the Jobber payment option on your invoice
  • Pay by online banking when you receive an invoice. Please include invoice number in Memo line
  • Credit or debit card charges will have 3% added to the total bill; email accounting@alpenglowhc.com to request credit/debit card payment option
  • Unpaid invoices after 60 days will have a 5% late fee added
  • We do NOT accept Paypal, Venmo or similar methods at this time