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Hello and welcome! Our company loves to clean houses, making them sparkle and shine. We’re located in Truckee, CA, a beautiful town with amazing homes. But we don’t just stay in Truckee. We also visit nearby places like Tahoe City, North Lake Tahoe, and Incline Village. So, we can come to you if you live in these cool spots!

We’re proud to say we’re “residential cleaning Truckee” experts. What does that mean? Well, “residential” means homes just like yours. And “cleaning” is what we do best! So, when you hear “residential cleaning Truckee”, think of us. We’re the cleaning superheroes your home needs!

We’re excited to meet you and your home. We promise to do an excellent job and make your home shine brighter than ever. Let’s start this cleaning adventure together!

Our Services

We do a lot to make your home look its best. Our main job is cleaning. When we talk about our ‘cleaning service,’ we mean the special work we do to make your house spotless. Our cleaning services can help every room in your home. We ensure your kitchen, bathrooms, living room, and bedrooms are all fresh and clean.
But what exactly is ‘house cleaning’? Well, think about a time when your room was messy. Toys on the floor, bed not made, and maybe some dust on your desk. Now, imagine someone comes in and cleans it all up for you. That’s what our house cleaners do, but for your entire house! They sweep, mop, dust, and scrub, ensuring your house is clean and tidy.

We also have special cleaning for things like vacation rentals. Have you ever stayed in a cabin or house for a vacation? It’s always nice when it’s clean. We ensure those vacation homes are clean and ready for guests. This way, you can start your holiday without having to clean.

We are proud of our professional services. That means we’re not just good at our job, but we do it with care and respect. We ensure our cleaning team knows how to clean well and treat our clients’ homes carefully. We promise to do an excellent job every time we clean your house.

Basic Cleaning Service

If you’re looking for a simple way to keep your home neat, our Basic Cleaning service is perfect! We suggest using this service twice a month to keep your house looking fresh for everyday living.

Here is a list of what is included in Basic Cleaning for all permanent residences, second homes, and vacation rentals.


Oven – oven cleaning upon request or with Deep Clean
Fridge – Clean outside and handles at all homes. (Freezers upon request or with Deep Clean)
Permanent residence – we don’t go inside the fridge unless asked
Second homes – we will wipe down open shelves if available
Rental homes – we clean inside every time
Dishwasher emptied in Rental homes and Second homes only
Microwave – inside, outside, under when possible
Toaster oven – inside, outside, under and shake out crumbs
Kitchen sink window – spot clean
Floors – vacuum and then mop


Shower / Tub
*Shower glass with hard water stains can be requested as a Deep Clean item when needed
Toilet – around and behind, remove the water ring
Floor – shake out the bathmat

LIVING AREAS: Living room, dining room, common areas, entryway

Dust all surfaces
*Baseboards upon request or with deep clean
Cobwebs – reachable with an 8-foot cobweb pole or larger provided by the homeowner
Dining room table – clean the top and vacuum under
Fireplace (Winter only) – sweep around the hearth, dust the top of the fireplace
*We only remove ashes from Rental homes when they are COLD
Floors – Vacuum and then mop


Dust all surfaces *Baseboards upon request or with deep clean
Cobwebs – reachable with an 8-foot cobweb pole or larger provided by the homeowner
Floors – Vacuum and then mop
We are happy to tailor this list to best suit your home needs. Please send an email with additional requests to add to the Basic Cleaning if desired to ensure we understand your home’s personal needs.
There are some things we don’t usually clean unless requested: flat-screen TVs, computer screens and keyboards, windows (although we do clean smudges on sliders), under furniture, and office desks. These may all be added upon request.

Have a vacation home?

We’ll also clean that, which includes washing and changing sheets and towels. But, there are some things we don’t usually clean unless you ask us to: cat boxes, flat-screen TVs, computer screens and keyboards, mini-blinds (1″ metal), windows (although we do clean smudges and sliders), and office desks – we wouldn’t want to mess up your order!

Deep Cleaning Service

Are you moving in or out of a home, or maybe you want to clean your house twice a year thoroughly? We can add some extra tasks to our Basic Clean:

This includes cleaning doors and door frames, kitchen cabinets, baseboards, blinds (2″ wood), vacuuming carpet edges, cleaning sliding glass doors and kitchen windows, light fixtures and switches. We’ll even wipe down the inside of the fridge – a standard for our vacation rentals. Plus, we can clean out toilet rings, remove cobwebs from high places, oil wood furniture, clean table and chair legs and picture frames, and even erase wall marks.

If you’d like any of these tasks to be part of your Light Touch Clean every visit, or if you’d like to upgrade to a Deep Dive Clean, just let us know! Shoot us an email, and we’ll schedule more time.

Our Cleaning Company

Our Cleaning Company is Professional and Trustworthy!

When you think about Alpenglow Cleaning & Home Care, think about a group of super neat freaks who love to clean! Our company is known for being professional, which means we know what we’re doing and do it well. We take our jobs very seriously because we know how important it is for you to have a clean and tidy home. As you would with your best friend, you can always rely on us to do an excellent job!

Our Team and Their Amazing Work

We’ve got a team of cleaners who are like superheroes in cleaning. They are trained to handle all sorts of cleaning tasks, and they do a superb job at it! Every corner of your house, from your living room to your kitchen and even the little nooks and crannies, will be sparkling clean. Our team follows a complex system, meaning they have a special plan to ensure they get everything. It’s like a treasure map, but for dirt and dust!

We Care About Your Space

Each house, each room, and each project is special to us. When we say we care, we mean it! Imagine how you care for your favorite toy or book; that’s how we care for your home. Whether it’s a small space or a big house, we put in the same effort and care. Our clients are important to us, just like our friends. We want your space to be so clean that it makes you smile whenever you see it. That’s why we are the best choice for residential cleaning in Truckee, CA. So, let us handle your cleaning so you can enjoy a sparkling clean home without work!

Why Choose Alpenglow Cleaning & Home Care?

Top-Notch Team That Loves to Clean

Our team is the best at what they do. We’re not just a company, but a family who loves to clean! We work hard to make sure we do an excellent job every time. When we clean your home, we treat it like our own. We take our time to make sure everything is perfect. We don’t just do a good job; we do a great job!

Our Happy Customers

You don’t have to take our word for it; listen to what our happy homeowners in Truckee have to say! We have helped many homeowners like you keep their homes sparkling clean. Even owners who have a second home in Truckee love our work. They know their home will be clean and welcoming when they come to stay, thanks to our awesome team. We are proud to be part of this community and to serve the wonderful people in it.

You Can Count on Us

We are not just a team of cleaners. We’re your neighbors in the Truckee community. We respect every home we step into. We understand that your house is your special space, and we carefully handle every item. We’re a reliable cleaning company you can trust. We show up on time, do the job of Residential Cleaning Truckee right, and always treat you and your home respectfully.